Center-Piece Pyramid

   This one is a monster, 33lbs of Orgone; mixed with Generous heapings of Large Crystal points, Amethyst, Citrine, and Blue agate. I also have included Powdered Mono-atomic Gold, Colloidal Silver, Peet Moss, and Real Silver coins. The base metal of Orgone is steel, also included is copper, zinc and a touch of aluminum. This dramatic Orgone piece merges Art with Science, excellent for a Spa or an "Art Gallery". I meditated in front of this Pyramid for 30 minutes and felt electric currents flow up my feet out the crown of the head. I can even see the energy flowing off of this pyramid with the lights off.

 The Orgone Center-piece Pyramids are now done as a custom order. We will only use fresh molds, typically for high quality pieces we can only get 4-5 castings per mold. The molds are the most expensive part of the process You can tell us the colors and, any intentions you want to add to the piece. Expect about a month for delivery. We make the Orgone centerpiece pyramids in layers, we do not rush the process, we have found slower is better. In the creative process the tortoise kicks butt over the hare. I will also hook the Center-piece pyramids up to the xcalibur machine from the Ascensionenergyprogram; to make the orgone piece actively projective energy wise. Typically, I always get inspired while making the large pieces as well, so there is usually some new improvement that will boost the power of the piece.  If you have any questions about the centerpiece pyramid, feel free to contact me.

1 Center-Piece Pyramid



Orgone Center-Piece Pyramid II

   Orgone Center-Piece Pyramid II- 9lbs of Orgone, made with the same materials and dimensions as the Larger Center-Piece Pyramid.

    Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Cloudbuster's have the ability to regulate weather patterns; produce rain in arid climates and drier weather in Rainy areas. This Pyramid would also be ideal for a garden, potenizing fruits and vegetables.

1 Center-Piece Pyramid II