Large Orgone Healing Disc

Orgone Healing Disc - 7 inches in diameter and a 1/2 inch thick, these Orgone discs can be used to purify food or water or as a tool to reduce chronic pain for healers or personal use. Orgone was originally discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich; a psychoanalyst who trained under Sigmund Freud at the Vienna Institute in Austria in the early 1920's. These beautiful discs contain steel, copper, silver as well as crystals and high quality epoxy resin. The metals refract the Chi or cosmic energy, while the resin captures the frequencies to contain high quantities of life force energy that can be used to clear a home and heal the mind and the body. High levels of life force energy lead to abundance and happiness over a period of time.

Note: discs can be ordered in color of choice and if you want plain with no coins or bottle caps. Put notation at bottom of paypal form.

1 Large Orgone Healing disc


2 Large Orgone Healing discs