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Opus sends about 25 paid emails per day averaging 5 cents which is the highest on the web. They do corporate offers where all you need to do is add in a zip code or email address. I have been paid twice in three months, I now have earned over $113 with them. I signed up with their Goldmember program which generates free referrals. I have garnered about 15 referrals from their program. They pay 10% on downline members. Amy their webmaster is very responsive and she pays which is always a plus.

Link - An Indy website for Alternative News. - The History of the Sovereign American flag - Inventor of NCR, the world's greatest cranial manipulation technique, treats cause not symptoms. Great for chronic Migraines, Sleep Apnea and Scoliosis. Also an alternative to Cosmetic Surgery. - A site for a State Congressional bill for creating a parallel currency backed by gold. Can be used for any state legislature, written by Dr. Edwin Vieira Constitutional Lawyer. - Another site seeking the restoration of good government and Sound Money as designed in the documents of the founding Fathers. - A great site for Alternative News. Conspiracies, UFO's, New World Order info and Alternative Health News. - One of the main resources I use for developing new Energy technologies; it has everything in Alternative Health and the quest for Free energy.

Pre Market Trading - One of Wall Street's finest like Ron Paul he is big on Gold and predicting a Market Crash. Very knowledgable about hedging positions in a volatile market. If you are a player in the market this is a daily must read. - New York Real Estate in Soho. Apartment rentals, Sales both residential and Commercial. - One of internet radio finest networks featuring the Alex Jones show. One of the original conspiracy theorists on the web. Are there Reptilian human hybrids controlling the world? - A site dedicated to the founder of Orgone. - A continuation of Reich’s research today, also a great resource for history on Reich.