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The Puridine formula is proprietary formula created by my friend Nonnie. She has created the most pure bio-available iodine 95%+ on the face of mother earth. It is unknown if the inner earth people have a superior product, commerce between the two societies does not currently exist; till we get rid of the Federal Reserve and the Corporate De-facto Government. What does that mean? This iodine formula has superior uptake to the traditional lugols formula or (I2) iodine or (KI) potassium Iodide, less is more. The Bio-active Iodine is then radionically enhanced with the bio-resonance machine of the We are now combining the latest from the world of Unified field technologies with traditional supplementation.  Seaweed is high in free glutamic acid, which is the basis of 80% of MSG. Seawater is also sick with medications and pollutants as well as 1400x the level of bromide over iodide. Bromide displaces iodine and iodide in the thyroid shutting down thyroid functioning. Seafood, iodized salt and even Celtic Sea salt fail to reach iodine saturation in the body.
   What I learned with the Japanese Earthquake and subsequent Nuclear meltdown, is that you can never have too much iodine in stock. I sold out all my supplies in about a week and was not able to re-stock from my former supplier. The prices tripled over-night. What I have done for the future is secure a large supply of iodine in case of a nuclear disaster here. The recent Japan meltdown, most likely was pulled off by the Federal Reserve via a faction of the U.S. Military that they control. It was either a Haarp event or Nukes in subterranean trenches. There are plans to set off the fault called the New Madrid in the southeastern United States. There are 15 Nuclear reactors along that fault-line. Whether or not this happens, is unknown, but the point being if we have a nuclear meltdown here; not only will the iodine supply dry up over night. The price will rise to astronomical heights, like several hundred dollars per oz. What we have here is black gold; a commodity that can be traded in the case of a societal meltdown; like a banking crash or a contrived environmental disaster to reshape society. The elites don't really need to start wars, anymore when you can just have an earthquake and send in the troops afterwards without any shots being fired. Enough with my rantings, back to the Iodine spiel.



Have you been told that Iodine is bad? That you are allergic? This is a false crusade that was started in 1948 with the UC Berkeley Wolff-Chaikoff study and the 1969 Wolff review of the same study. Natural iodine is a benign, essential mineral for life and disease reversal that cannot be physically manufactured in the body. No known pathogenic organism is resistant to iodine, an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-microbe and mucolytic. Allopathic medicine still preps with iodine to eliminate staph infection. Iodine is a more potent anti-oxidant than Vitamin E and C; removes mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, fluoride and bromide. Iodine regulates estrogen production and "estrogen dominance which has a correlation with "C" in men and women. Inside the body's 100 trillion cells, mitochondria require iodine to produce ATP or energy that drives every human process. The number one for mitochondria failure is iodine deficiency, thyroid hormones must attach to receptor sites before energy production can begin. An unhealthy person can have only 200-300 mitochondrial per cell, while a healthy person saturated with iodine can have 2000-3000 per cell.

In the 1953 Eartly and Leblond study in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed all pituitary functions are mediated by T4 suggesting the thyroid and not the pituitary is the master endocrine gland.



In 2000 the World Health Organization states 72% of the world suffers from Iodine deficiency. Estimates say that more people have died from Iodine deficiency than in both World Wars combined over the last 50 years. Iodine deficiency is worsened by "halogen displacement". Fluorine, chlorine, and bromide, iodine and astatine are called halogens or salts on Group 17 on the Periodic table, each with 7-electron outer shells. Life essential, tyrosine-based thyroid hormones "thyroxine" (T4) and the 5x more active 'triiodothryonine" (T3) can attach to the same receptor sites. Iodine should be taken in conjunction with magnesium, selenium and chromium for proper production of the thyroid hormones. In high enough dosage, Iodine will displace the toxic halogens. Chlorine/chloride represses the bodies small reserve of iodine. Sodium chloride is a cell salt necessary to control the sodium-potassium pump for delivering nutrition, removing toxins, managing blood pressure, but lacks the trace minerals found in unrefined Sea salt such as Celtic Salt. Fluoride increases lead in the brain 2x for Caucasians and 6x for Africans. Iodine intake is absolutely essential for African-Americans; the low test scores are a function of high levels of lead not inferior intelligence. The U.S. is one of the 6 countries in the world for left that has not banned Fluoridation of the water. Bromide is known to cause psychosis and is now a main ingredient in bread products replacing healthy potassium iodate.



Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency:  Overweight or underweight, chronic fatique, depression, loss of libido, irritibility, muscle weakness/aches, headaches, constipation. High or low blood pressure, allergies, dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails, high cholesterol, impaired memory and concentration. slow speech, thick tongue, painful menstruation, infertility, miscarriages and deafness.

Intracellular iodine produces energy. Extracellular iodine is antioxidant, antiallergenic, vasodilating, auto-immune suppressing and induces apoptasis, the natural death of cells as well as the destruction of all abnormal cells. Japan is the healthiest country globally and has the highest iodine uptake, 292x the US RDA of iodine(13mg day). Iodine in mcg amounts produces T4, T3, in mg amounts blocks radioactive fallout, achieves optimal health and prevents the Big "C" and in Gram amounts reverses disease via apoptasis as with infectious skin lesions.


  Iodine as Age Reversal Element:

My basic philosophy is that Aging is fundamentally a loss of energy over the course of your lifetime. It is akin to a slow leak in a ballon or a tire. There are things that we can do to refill the tire and even seal the leakages if we have enough energy. As it stands were are not born with sufficient energy to trigger life extensions programs embedded within the junk portion of the DNA. This requires a massive amount of energy, sort of like trying to run photoshop with 32k ram; it ain't gonna happen unless we get an upgrade or a resevoir of energy. Iodine is a base element that is found in energy cell to create energy. The key with iodine for Age Reversal is quantity; you need to take sufficient quantity to first detox the heavy metals and re-boot the thyroid and the endocrine system as a whole. The next step after detoxing, is regenerating. That requires continuing with a high dose regiment of iodine and Sodium Ascorbate. Sodium Ascorbate with iodine, but not at the same time with regenerate the glands most specifically the adrenal glands. Vitamin C is the anti-dote for an over-dose of iodine. Symptoms of Iodine over-dose will surface as an allergic reaction; which is usually just a dramatic heavy metal purge. It stands to reason that you need 2000-3000 mitochondria operating for you to even begin to Age Regress, so Iodine is a fundamental nutrient to Age Reverse your cells; it is not the only thing you need but definetly a great start. Iodine is extremely fundamental in creating new skin from the dermis layer. There is the story of the wife of a Civil War soldier who was hit with shrapnel and was told by the doctors to paint iodine on his wounds 2-3 times a day. The woman ended up painting the iodine over 200 times a day and the soldier make a complete recovery and his skin healed.


  I will not tell you how much to take, that is a no no, but you need to figure that part out on your own. Disease and health is on a continum with super-health and immortality at the high-end of the scale.

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