The Orgone Cone

Based on Wilhelm Reich's cloud-buster technology, The Orgone Cone converts dead life force energy into Orgone or positive Chi. Orgone is a 50/50 mix of organic matter and metal. Each cone is handcrafted with the inclusion of flowers, peat moss, a quartz point with a copper coil, amethyst and citrine. The flowers and peat add "live essence" to the Orgone mix further potenizing the Orgone field. These aesthetically pleasing cones can be used to clear a room, or your external environment. Place near a computer, under your bed or bury them in your yard. Orgone is reputed to negate ELF and microwave transmissions. Immersing yourself in Orgone field overtime will bring back functionality to the mind and vigour to the body. Email for prices for larger quantities.

1 Orgone cone


2 Orgone cones


10 Orgone Cones