Orgone Chips

Orgone Chips- After 15 months of experiments with Orgone and electricity, I have found that the more coverage of Orgone the better the potential savings. The chips work the best for covering your apartment or house. Place a chip on each side of an AC, on the power cord use atleast two evenly spaced. Orgone works by conserving power through Negative Entropy. Typically 90% of electrical current that runs across a wire is lost due to friction. It literally flies off the line, Orgone brings coherence to the electrical charge so more of it ends up being consumed by the AC or Fridge. Think of it like Pacman, the AC is the Pacman gobbling up the energy packets. Less get away and more output is produced for the exact same energy input. We are just managing our finances better and not going out to eat everynight. Orgone is the same philosophy as recycling and coupon clipping, at the end of the day the savings can be enormous. The 25 pack of chips should be enough Orgone for a one bedroom apartment. Be creative with the placement of Orgone, there really is no set answer for how many chips you do need and where to place them. It is sort of like Dogs and sheep herding, you want to keep everyone going in the same direction, Baa…

How much does electricity cost?
The cost of electricity depends on where you live, how much you use, and possibly when you use it. There are also fixed charges that you pay every month no matter how much electricity you use. For example, I pay $6/mo. for the privilege of being a customer of the electric company, no matter how much energy I use.

Check your utility bill for the rates in your area. If it's not on your bill then look it up on the utility's website.

The electric company measures how much electricity you use in kilowatt-hours, abbreviated kWh. Your bill might have multiple charges per kWh (e.g., one for the "base rate", another for "fuel") and you have to add them all up to get the total cost per kWh.

Most utility companies charge a higher rate when you use more than a certain amount of energy, and they also charge more during summer months when electric use is higher. As an example, here are the residential electric rates for Austin, Texas (as of 11-03):

First 500 kilowatts

5.8 per kilowatt hour (kWh)

  Additional kilowatts (May-Oct.)

10 per kilowatt hour

  Additonal kilowatts (Nov.-Apr.)

8.3 per kilowatt hour

These figures include a fuel charge of 2.265 per kWh.

The average cost of residential electricity was 11/kWh (DOE) in the U.S. in April 2008. The average household used 920 kWh/mo. in 2006 (DOE) and would pay $101.2 for it based on the April 2008 average rate.


A 25% reduction in usage will lead to a $25 savings per month. Over the course of a year that equates to $300. However there is an additional savings for usage since there is a higher charge for homes that use over 500kWh/mo, since the Kilowatt hours drop from 920 to 690 in the example. If the first 500 hours rate is 8 cents per hour and 13 cents per hour over 500, there can be a net decrease of an additional $11 for a total decrease of $36 per month. This is of course a ballpark fiqure, not an exact representation.

Orgone Energy Chips for BusinessLaudromats

What is Orgone? A technology discovered by Wilhelm Reich that accumulates Life force Energy. Life Force energy is based on the principal of Negative entropy. Negative entropy builds energy into an Organic system, it is essentially life itself. The effects are what one would call Youth or Age reversal as in Benjamin Button. An interesting side benefit is that Orgone also works with technology to reduce electrical consumption or conserve the life of a battery in a cellphone or computer. Here's how, typically 90% of energy that runs across a wire is lost due to heat or friction. The Orgone field effect polarizes the current where the 90% loss is reduced to 60% or even 50% with proper Orgone coverage through your home or business. There is a resultant net gain of 30% or more in savings on your electric bills. Huge potential savings for businesses, like a Laudromat. Imagine savings of 30-40% for a Laudromat or a chain of Laudromats! This is a one-time purchase they never need to be replaced.
   Quick and Easy install. The savings will begin to accumulate immediately and increase up to 3 months before leveling off. You can expect 20-30% savings in your electrical bills. Make sure the power company actually comes to your business and does not just make estimates of usage. The power company may start to scratch their heads and even replace the meter because of the cost savings thinking it must be broken.
Potential Savings for a small Laundromat:
150 Loads per day @ .50 cents per load=$75 per day.
340 days x 150 loads=51,000 loads per year.
51,000 x .50=$25,500

10% reduction in electrical costs yields $2,550
15% reduction in electrical costs yields $3,820
20% reduction in electrical costs yields $5,110
25% reduction in electrical costs yields $6,387

350 Orgone Energy chips for Laundromats      1027.75

This should be sufficient for a laudromat with 50 machines. You of course may want more orgone later, because it is unknown where the cost savings will actually level off. There is a saturation point, but it is un-determined at this time. With Orgone more is better to achieve complete saturation.
Of course there is no guarantee of results, but the risk is minimal. A 15% re-stocking fee. You have 4 months to return the Orgone chips.

Call or email for a free evaluation of the amount of Orgone needed for your business.

5 Orgone Chips- $41.97


10 Orgone Chips- $74.97


20 orgone Chips 1-2 bedroom apartment. Remember electricity prices are going to skyrocket with Oil at $93 a barrel. What does 30% savings equate over the course of a year?


50 Orgone Chips- This should be enough for a 2-3 bedroom home.


100 Orgone chips- Two Family home and Apartment complex. I would love to do an experiment with a Laundromat, I think the savings would be phenomenal! I would also be able to have some undeniable data that Orgone really works.


Mounting tape- Double stick foam tape- $4.00
This is enough for 50 orgone chips for Electrical Reduction program




A while back I purchased 25 of your orgone chips and have had success with them.
I saved (33) percent off my electric bill the first full month of installation.
I placed four
chips on the inside of the circuit breaker mainly because of its high current

Thanks for your help with this "energy saver"