Why an Orgone Zapper?

Why not try something that you only have to purchase once, and causes no negative side effects. Orgone is the platform from which all life originates; you are healing from the ground up. Not only will you heal the disease with the Orgone zapper but with continued use begin to lay the foundation for true health and happiness. The positive side effects of repetitive Orgone use are; increased physical energy, sound restful sleep, reduced anxiety, the rising of the libido and the enhance-ment of your mind. Positive states of consciousness require more energy than cynicism, anger, fear or grief. If you are frustrated, bitter and generally disillusioned in life, you fundamentally have an energy problem. The solution is more Life force or Orgone.

The Orgone Zapper

An Orgone zapper created by Don Croft is an advancement of Dr. Reich original technology. The zapper consists of two components the Orgone and a modified electrical circuit. The Orgone is layers of Organic and metallic matter. The combination of the two creates a very concentrated amount of Life-force energy, driven into the body by an earth magnet. The electrical component contains a mobius coil, (a sacred geometric symbol representing the intersection of two dimensions); a 9V battery modulated by two crystals an amethyst and a garnet gemstone. The coil stimulates the latent Kundalini energy in the body, the current kills the parasites and the viruses in the body and the Orgone infuses Life-force within the immune system and the physical body; increasing the overall energy levels and thereby the functionality of the mind and the body.

After 8 years of working with the Orgone zapper, the main idea with this simple device is that the sum is greater than the parts. I have found that you cannot separate the person from the healing. With any device the mind plays a huge part in the healing of the individual. Complex zappers that do not have esoteric components such as a mobius strip and the Orgone chip do not work with amplifying the mind, which is ultimately the source of healing. Mind combined with will/faith has created many a miracles. We live in a holographic world based on a morphogenic field. The Orgone zapper interlocks with this field and the mind, e-motions and lastly the physical body. The physical body responds to input data from the mind and the emotions. The Orgone zapper will open up access to the unconscious parts of the pysche better than zappers that just run frequency. to generate rapid healings. I have seen a couple of quite dramatic healings with the Orgone Zapper such as:
               Tom Shaw from Katonah New York. He had Lyme's disease, he worn the Orgone Zapper around the clock for about 18 hours per day for 4 months. He never bothered to take the medication that his Doctor prescribed. After 4 months, he had another test for Lyme's disease and was given a clean bill of health. He never mentioned to his Doctor that he never took the medication or that he was using a zapper for treatment. The Doctor came away with the idea, that his treatments worked.
     I used an Orgone Zapper on my father while he was in intensive care, he was in a coma and was not expected to live. The Orgone Zapper in 5 hours pulled him out of the coma and he went on to live another 3 years.
    The consequences of the placebo effect are that the mind is the source of all healing. Eventually, we will be able to open the whole mind up to re-program the body to live vastly extended life spans with supernatural powers. It will be like watching an episode of Heroes or reading an X-men comic book. There is that much potential contained within the Genetic code. The Orgone zapper is an amplfier of your intentions, the more you work consciously with the device the more profound the effects for healing. It is of less important that this device is not frequency specific for a particular illness or condition. I would stack this little device up against any other zapper on the market based on the esoteric aspects contained within the unit, which in my mind are more important than devices that are frequency specific alone. These devices are mini-radionic machines that can be used to help open up and drive you life with an influx of  positive Synchronicity.

Orgone and Electricity Usage: Reduce your electric bills by 30-50% !!

1 Zapper $110.00

2 Zappers $217.00

4 Zappers