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Organic Sulfur is MSM, but it is not like the commercial products off the shelf that have been processed and have binding agents added to it. I had a 5 pound  box of MSM laying on the floor of my bedroom for like 2 and half years. I would take it by the tablespoon, I never noticed anything, no detox reaction, I never felt any better, but I kept taking it anyway hoping for like the Ex-girlfriend that dumped me that she would one day see the light and return. I did not move the box because I could not admit that I made a mistake, like the shirt that hangs in the closet for 5 years brand spanking new and never worn.

   Rayelan of was hounding me for like 6 months to try Organic Sulfur; but I would say Raye, it is just MSM, like the 5 pound box that is sitting on the floor here next to my bed. You know they say after like the 7 time that you get hounded, you will eventually pull the trigger and make a purchase. For me it was like the 10th time, because of the 10 pound box sitting on my bedroom floor next to my unmade bed.  My mom used to say an unmade bed was more than  an unmade bed and a cigar is just a cigar. I know Sigmund, Is that why you were a coke head? I digress, back to the Organic Sulfur. When I got the bottle, I ripped the plastic off the plastic can, unscrewed the top and did what I always do, slam about 2 tablespoons of  Sulfur not to be confused with plain old MSM. My face did not flush, I saw no angels or even stars, but wow after a minute which in slang is really a few hours or so; I was laid up in Bed for like 24 hours with the most exquisite migraine headache.

    I, of course ignored the warning on the label, to just start with an itti-bity teaspoon and work you way up to higher dose land. It also said on the label to take more MSM, I mean Organic Sulfur if you get a whopper of a headache. I know this is a great testimonial buy this product and get a whopper of a headache or perhaps a big mac if you are partial to the golden arches... What I was excited about is that the product did exactly what it claimed to do; that is oxgenate the body and cause a detox effect. Detox effects can be managed, but use of a useless product is just a waste of time. I cut my losses at that point and chucked the 20 lb albatross of MSM that was sitting on the floor in the garbage or down the drain I know not which? The good news is that I was able to re-cycle the box and ship two Orgone pyramids with it.

    Let's get into to the science of things a bit, my whole focus is age reversal, I view disease as a reduced form of health or frequency and immortality as supreme health. If you focus on supreme health, most likely you will not get sick. Sick people focus on their maladies and fall in love with their diseases. Super healthly people never think about disease, nor do they care about germ theory or any other hypochondriac's illness fantasy. How does Organic Sulfur fit into the Age Reversal approach? Sulfur two main functions are nutrient transport into cells and waste removal out of cells. It acts as a carrier agent into an out of the cell. Oxygen is the magic in Sulfur;Organic Sulfur carriers a massive amount of oxygen into cells. Assasins can use DMSO as a carrier agent to get a poison into the body topically to kill a person. High levels of Sulfur will promote amino acid assimilation to build new tissue in conjunction with Vitamin C. High dosing of Organic Sulfur and vitamin C were most like the reason for my friend Plato to completely heal a ruptured appendix in a week without the need to remove surgically. Cell walls become permeable with high levels of sulfur in the diet which used to be supplied by Organic food grown without Chemical fertilizers. Rain water used to be a massive supply of sulfur for not only the land but for the human being who lived outdoors most of the time. With the advent of Chemtrails spraying the sulfur cycle has been completely interrupted. No sulfur in the food, no sulfur in the rain water and most of the food that we eat now is not properly assimilated. Waste piles up like a New York City sanitation strike in the middle of the summer. Love that imagery? More of the benefits of Organic Sulfur,

1) Improving enzyme and glandular hormone production

2) Increasing flexibility in muscle tissue, reduces muscular pain from waste removal and cellular regeneration.

3) Helps regulate insulin production

4) Increase production of skin cells and reduces wrinkles

5) Rebuilds colon tissues and helps with parasite removal

6) Helps reverse Parkinson, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's

7) Promotes growth of hair and nails

      In short everything nutrient that you intake with organic sulfur will increase it's effectiveness. At a minimum you need 750 mg of sulfur a day from your diet, it is supposed to be found in everything, but now it is is found in nothing this side of organic food. Sulfur can be taken in as high of doses as 20 grams per day, I would not try that with Organic sulfur you are not ready for that neither am I. Respect this product, it will kick your ass in a good way.


    Sulfur fits in nicely with Sodium Ascorbate, MAP and Organic Silica. MAP ( Master Amino Acid Pattern) is 99% assimilable combined with Organic Sulfur, Vitamin C and Organic Sulfur you will stop the ravages of Chronos and give you a fighting chance to over-ride the Saturnian influence Time will be on your side yes it will....



Organic Silica Sulfur Jars

One 1 Pound Jar $50.00

Two 1 Pound Jars $96 ($48.00) Per Jar