Large Orgone Pyramids

The Large Orgone Pyramid

The large Orgone Pyramids are over three times the mass of the small pyramids. They are now enhanced with hormones similar to the Orgone chembusters. Hormone enhancement will help manage the quantum effects in a projective positive manifestation. Low hormone people create negative manifestations that collapse inward into states such as depression and apathy, they often don't see the point to doing anything as nothing has worked in the past.
   High hormone people just go out and do. They do not ponder the potential negative possibilities they just think in terms of what they can gain and  have a pattern of success to back up those beliefs. The hormone additions are about re-patterning and re-setting your life experiences. In the bible they talk about one day every tear shall be wiped away. This is referring to clearing genetic trauma embedded in the blood and the DNA; hormone enhanced Orgone will accelerate that process. The Orgone that I currently make is about 44x stronger than when I started 12 years ago.
  Orgone now has reached a point where it is opening up new potential positive timelines such as free energy, Age reversal and the global financial reset. The genetic reset is occurring virtually at the same time that the financial reset is taking place. It is part of the same quantum timeline shift, which happens in leaps driven by conflict resolution. Erasure of  the repetitive blood lust programs that have fed the adversary, has been the key insight to break the planetary programming instilled by the adversary. It is erasure of the script of war, starvation and tyranny. These are not the natural states of man they are artificially induced via various forms of mind control. Love is the antidote that can resolve the conflicts between good and evil. The problem has been that the populace has been in living in chronic  low energy states to experience real genuine love. The adversary seeks to destroy all innocence at all costs and this is your connection to the true God, not the facsimiles that present themselves as God. Restoration of innocence is the erasure of evil and the adversary that induced it in the first place.

Size 6" high and 5.25 Wide" at the base. Please specify color, and variation; copper or zinc BB's. Orgone has been used in the past by the US government for weather control. It was soon abandoned when it could not be adapted as a weapon. Orgone will only create balance, the crystals act as a convertor for dor or negative energy to orgone. It is always good to periodically run water over Orgone to completely clear the device.

1 large pyramid

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