Orgone Pyramid

The Original Orgone Pyramid

orgone pyramid

orgone pyramid

Now, the process to make the Orgone Pyramid has greatly be changed over the years by the addition of various radionic techniques and additional substances into the Orgone mix.
 I now regularly pre-treat the resin with the miracle frequency of 528hz and use the tachyon machines from the Etheric Water program found at the There is also the use of Crystal Singing bowls performed in a meditative state to charge with an incredible amount of high frequency energy. The substances that I place in the Orgone mix vary from Gold, Silver, platinum, copper, brass in addition to the traditional steel. I never use Aluminum as that can attract DOR according to Reich. The physical substances that may end up in the Orgone mix can range from Garlic, Clove, various aromatherapy oils, Cinnamon, Ginger, Chlorella, who knows. Every Pyramid is unique, I never replicate formulas and make them based on intuitive inspiration. I have made pieces that have affected buyers before they were actually purchased! The Orgone finds it's own home, it reduces my marketing costs that for sure.
   I have seen Orgone Pyramids clear homes extremely effectively, several house that were up for sale have sold within two weeks. There was even a building in the East Village that was haunted that had not been rented in over 15 years. On a lark, I was given an opportunity to clear a landmark building in the East Village in Manhattan; the German Polyclinic on St. Marks. The building rented two weeks later. Autistic kids respond well to Orgone, they calm down in it's presence. Orgone has been known to promote lucid dreaming, it even made the transition for my mother to the etheric plane a peaceful process. The Orgone devices are now made where they will keep evolving and growing in power, this is something that other Orgone practitioners have not been able to do. I clear all my units that I have ever made periodically, this is in addition to any work with them that you may be doing. Orgone has it's own consciousness so pay attention to what it is telling you and give it some feedback too!  The making of Orgone is an Alchemical act, the consciousness of the artist is embedded in the devices. This is why I do not out-source the making of Orgone.he same technology as the cones, these beautiful pyramids are larger in size than the cones. There are several different variations as seen in the photo. Please specify if you want a particular color or variation copper or zinc BB's. I have noticed that Orgone has kept my razorblades sharp, I am currently working on the same blade for two months.

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orgone pyramid

Thank you Kevin!!

I must say that the pyramid is more powerful than, I could ever Imagine. Since I ordered the pyramid we sold our apartment which had been on the market for over a year. The same day we were offered a rental apartment much bigger and nicer than the one we have for half the money we pay today. Now we are about to sell our restaurant which have been for sale for over two years now. Suddenly we have two buyers interested! I didnīt have so big expectation on the pyramid, I just wanted it to create harmonic energy in my home for me and my family. Iīm very grateful!!!!!!!