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Cell-Phone Radiation Neutralizer

   The safespace is a non-electric metal substrate holo-gram, which has been permanently encoded by a proprietary process. It is designed to interact with and work to neutralize the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by cell phones,
cordless phones and pagers.
   The safespace device effectively neutralizes any electromagnetic field (EMF) disturbance created by any model of digital or analogue cellular or cordless phone. The safespace is not a shield or a deflector. It is designed to interact with the electromagnetic
field and neutralizes the toxic effects of cell phone radiation. The safespace is permanently encoded. It
never has to be replaced due to saturation because it does not absorb radiation.
   Laboratory testing has shown that the natural DNA rewinding process is actually enhanced with the safespace attached to the phone. The safespace device actually resonates with the body to reduce stress. Testing the Safespace on human DNA at Quantum Biology Labs in Northport, NY proved that the safespace device not only nuetralized the detrimental effects of (EMF) Electromagnetic radiation from the cell phone on human DNA but actually reversed the DNA damage.

Healthy Humans resonate with the Earth's magnetic fields below 10Hz. Studies have shown that frequencies above 60Hz cause biological stress to our bodies.
Cell phones operate at frequencies several million times higher than 60 Hz. Radiation from cell phones ranges from 800Hz to 2.5GHz.
Approximately 75% of the radiation from the cell antennae penetrates 2 inches into the brain. Cell phones carried in the pocket expose other parts of the body to harmful ELF's,( I guess you could save money on birth control). Studies have also shown that people who sleep with their cell phones near their bed have impaired REM sleep patterns and reduced melatonin production.
Children are more vulnerable because of developing nervous systems and thinner skulls.
Insurance companies are moving to stop under-writing cellphone companies because of all the potential lawsuits coming down the pike from microwave radiation.

The Lancet, a British Medical Journal reported a study that radiation from cell phones causes an increase in blood pressure and directly alters cell function in the human body.

George Carlo, Ph.D., scientist and author of Cell Phones - Invisible Hazard In a Wireless Age. As former chairman of the Wireless Technology Research, Dr. Carlo reviewed more than 50 significant studies and found many serious health problems associated with cell phone use.

The UK's National Radiological Protection Board confirms that there is significant absorption of microwave energy, resulting from EMFs from cell phone usage, in the eyes and eye-sockets, brain, nose, tongue and surround-ing muscles.

Research sponsored by the Department of Health at Bristol Royal Infirmary in western England showed portable telephones may alter memory and interfere with concentration and spatial awareness. The experiment was seen as powerful evidence of how cellular phones might temporarily affect the thoughts of their users.

Lennart Hardell M.D. examined brain tumor sufferers in a controlled study and found that subjects using a cell phone on either the right or left hand side of the head increased the risk of getting a tumor by two-and-one-half times.

Bioelectromagnetics published a report showing that digital cellular phone microwaves produced a 40% increase in the activity of the cancer-related enzyme ODCI.

Studies at the University of Utah found that the thin skulls and smaller heads of children offer less protection against microwaves and, therefore, children have a greater risk of damage to brain cells. 50% more radiation is absorbed by a ten year old than an adult.

Cellular Industry in Australia sponsored research that was "quietly" released showing that transgenic mice exposed to pulsed digital phone radiation over 18 months had an almost two-and-a-half times higher risk of developing lymphatic cancer than unexposed mice.

Some scientists estimate that you are now daily exposed to 100 million times the electromagnetic field radiation of your grandparents. Research shows that these fields have a significant disruptive effect on the natural energy levels of your body and induce significant changes in the function of cells, tissues and organs. Your body's energy, as well as your cellular communication system, is altered by the high frequencies of EMF. This man-made radiation increases stress in the body and significantly reduces one's ability to effectively recover and maintain normal health.

The changes observed are similar to biological processes, which scientists believe are involved in the development of adverse health conditions such as impaired brain function, cancer and Alzheimer's. Science has proven that headaches, memory loss and fatigue are symptoms of a possible, bigger danger. Many neurologists, oncologists and other well-known scientists believe that it is only a matter of time before it is proven true.

The human body is a strong conductor of electrical energy and is a very effective antenna.

All of our essential bodily functions are electrical in nature, operating very much like systems of semiconductors which respond to extremely minute electromagnetic (EM) signals. In his book The Body Electric, Dr. Becker discusses the extremely tiny currents and voltages that control the function of our brains, immune systems, glands, digestion and even our fertility. These electrical signals are well within the range of those that can be stimulated in our bodies by ambient radio waves, microwaves and other nonionizing forms of radiation.

Electromagnetic energy is used by the body to integrate, interrelate, harmonize, and execute diverse physiological processes. Intrinsic energy is in fact created and transmitted in the body, and it controls specific biological functions. Low-strength electromagnetic fields within the physiological frequency range can alter the electroencephalogram, the electrocardiogram, biological rhythms, calcium metabolism, as well as human behavior.

The myriad sources of electromagnetic (EM) radiation in our environment can permeate our bodies which are extremely sensitive to EM influences.

Extremely Low Frequency
Very Low Frequency
Radio Frequencies
Power lines
Hydro lines
Computer VDTs
60 Hz appliances
Mobile phones
Cell phones

Computer VDTs
Mobile phones
Cell phones
Radio / CB
Computer VDTs
Mobile phones
Cell phones
Computer VDTs
Microwave ovens
Mobile phones (2.5GHz)
Cell phones
Possible Health Effects Associated With Overexposure
Blood disorders
Cell growth
Embryonic defect
Nervous System
Immune System
Cell Membrane
Birth defects
Blood disorders
Embryonic defect
Birth defects
Genetic damage
Nervous System


- Headaches
- Impaired immune system
- Tumors of hearing nerve
- Breakdown in blood-brain barrier
- Reduced melatonin
- Genetic damage
- Interference with pacemakers
- Melanoma of the eye
- Pressure or tingling in the head
- Memory loss
- Brain tumors
- DNA alteration or damage
- Changes in brain electrical activity
- Cardiovascular stress
- Eye problems
- Fatigue


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