RNA Regenerator

This is a Telomerase Enzyme supplement product. The RNA Re-generator 1 is one dose hit to reset the RNA matrix. It should be taken once every 6 months. The companion product, RNA Re-generator daily is taken every day. Telomerase is perhaps the magic bullet of the Age reversal and anti-aging products. RNA is the instruction set for the DNA to split. The telomeres at the end of the RNA shorten to the point at 45 years of age your body stops replicating cells. Telomerase is the enzyme that lengthens the telomeres and causes the DNA to split. Not only will it slow down the aging process, it may actually reverse it! This product has been out for only about a year or so, so it is too early to tell the long term effects on the aging process; however the results are looking good.

I asked the inventor if he did any blood tests. He said no, but that the hospitals are calling in his area asking that he donate blood because his blood is completely pure and contains no viruses of any kind. His blood is considered equiv lent to that of a newborn! In other words he is reversing his age. His personality has changed to the fiery type that he was in his early 20's. (This I have noticed in myself as well with the Dotto Ring.) His skin has changed and his wrinkles appear to be disappearing.

I took the RNA Re-generator 1, last week and have noticed a tremendous increase in my sex drive. I suspect also the recommended dosages are way too low, so the Age reversal process can be accelerated with double or even triple the recommended dosages. My goal is not just graceful aging; it is Age Reversal and living in my prime. Wouldn't it be great if we could eliminate the saying that Youth is wasted on the Young, I think it would be real cool to be able to Re-generate the physical body for someone in their 50's, 60's or even 70's. Older people are so much wiser and smarter than the young guys and girls. What kind of society would we have if aging was relegated to the status of the appendix?

So, if you are the adventurous type or even if you are not, this supplement is for everyone both young and old. Even Barry Bonds could play another 10 years or so without the need to resort to Steroids. Imagine the Home Run record at 1000. Remember with all these products, we are in the zone of shoot first and ask questions later. It will be years before the money will be available, for adequate testing. It is recommended to take the reset over three days till the bottle is finished to saturate the body and reset the Thymus gland. Alcohol based.

RNA Regenerator Daily (30ml)

Two drops per day of this companion product. Alcohol based.

RNA Regenerator Reset Formula (30ml) bottle


RNA Regenerator Daily Formula (30ml) bottle


RNA Regenerator Daily and Reset Formula (30ml) 2 bottles