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Magnesium is one of the key minerals for regeneration; it is used in over 350 enzymatic reactions in the body, more than any other mineral.
Next to (O2) and iodine, magnesium is the third most important element for sustaining life as well as reversing disease and aging. 79% of the American population is magnesium deficient.
Severe (O2) deficiency is largely due to a lack of minerals, specifically magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. Mg is necessary for the transportation of O2/CO2 in and out of the cells.
Severe Magnesium deficiency is due to calcium dominance of levels as high as 3:1 Calcium to magnesium. The proper level is supposed to be 4:1 Mg to Ca. Calcium intake with with homogenized and pasteurized hormone-laden dairy is 10:1 ration of Ca to Mg!
   The mitochondria generate the thermal energy in the body similar to power generated by utility companies in the home. Inside the 100 trillion cells in the body are the power plants known as the mitochondria. These power plants burn energy(glucose) to generate energy known as ATP through mitochondrial respiration whereby O2 enters for combustion and CO2 exits for waste. Healthy cells(90 millivolts) can have a few thousand Mitochondria and unhealthy cells (15 millivolts=Cancer) can have a couple of hundred. The number one reason for Cancer is mitochondrial failure from iodine deficiency; the under-lying cause is Mg deficiency from oxygen-based mitochondrial respiration. 
A red blood cell (animal) and a chlorophyll (plant's blood) have the same molecular structure except for iron and Mg. Plants and animals can both transmute elements (biological fission) turning Mg into Iron! Mg is "nature's physiological calcium channel blocker" that prevent excess Ca deposits from clogging arteries, calcifying joints, creating kidney stones, hardening organs, glands and nerve sheaths, and dental plaque. Mg helps manage the parathyroid, an endocrine gland that regulates parathyroid hormone and calcitonin. PTH triggers bone to release calcium into the blood. Calcitonin triggers Ca absorption into the bones, teeth where it belongs. Mg is involved in protein synthesis and transformation which is why high protein diets lower magnesium levels. RNA the genetic substance that synthesizes proteins is built on Mg. RNA is believed to control thought and memory and the structure of all organs. DNA as well as many of the body's hormones, enzymes and tissues are made of protein. So Mg deficiency can cause either a raising or lowering of Ca blood levels: the body is unable to respond to PTH. Vitamin D and Ca supplementation is only corrected with Mg.
    Mg is the calming mineral for relaxing muscles, relaxing arteries and calming nerves. Whereas Ca contracts muscles, Mg relaxes them. Nutritionist Thomas Steinmetz found Mg deficiency is the cause of death from sudden Heart attacks in 8 million people in the U.S. from 1940-1994. Mg is rapidly used by the adrenal glands in times of stress. Depressed and suicidal patients have more adrenaline in the blood than normal and mg normalizes over-production of excitatory hormones such as adrenaline. Mg maintains proper electrical potential (voltage), across nerve and muscle membranes. Mg increases white blood cells ability to fight infection by 300%. The body does not hold onto Mg like Ca, Mg excretion is a function of high stress, sugar intake, alcohol, caffeine, diarrhea, high protein and fruits. 
  Symptoms of Mg Deficiency: 
Insomnia, Obesity, Migraines, PMS, Chocolate Cravings, Emotional Instability, Depression/Apathy, Anger,
Nervousness, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Gall Stones, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Fatique, High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Diabetes, Muscle Cramps, Osteoporosis, Kidney Stones,  Memory Problems, Noise Sensitivity, Numbness and Tingling, Nervous Tics, Excessive Perspiration, Anorexia, Asthma and Accelerated Aging.

 I shoot for extreme health which is the foundation for Age Reversal. Mg is one of the most important minerals that we need to be saturated with to achieve full mitochondrial production. It is the beginning of health, not the end. The ability to evolve our genetics and reverse genetic damage and activate those pesky DNA strands is a function of massive high energy states, in which proper nutrition is a basis.

  Oral Mg can take weeks months and sometimes years to restore proper Mg levels.  The most effective way to saturate the body with Mg is through trans-dermal with Magnesium Oil. Spray torso and arms and legs, 6X day.


XCalibur Magnesium Oil Spray

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