Orgone Theory

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The possible uses are only limited by your imagination. For less than the price of a Doctor’s visit, you can have in your hands a device that could lead to the end of all disease. Reported to Heal Cancer and Aids, not to mention more mundane illnesses such as Allergies, Chronic fatigue and Candida. This cutting edge esoteric technology landed Dr. Reich in jail. Why? Because it works; the AMA scared of losing its monopoly on Medicine conducted a Witch-hunt which ultimately led to Dr. Reich’s death in Jail.

I am now starting to sound like an internet huckster, do not mistake enthusiasm and passion for a con job. The truth is, I see so many people suffer needlessly because they resist trying something because it sounds too simple. You can spend thousands of dollars on MRI’s, Cat Scans, and Blood tests to tell you what you already know. That is before the priest caste provides the solution which carpet bombs your body with a whole armada of drugs which kills everything is sight. Or perhaps they introduce Chemical Warfare legally and with your consent! And we haven’t even gotten to radiation therapy; there is no good radiation. These solutions may cure the disease, but they also will lie to waste your immune system to invasion by any number of illnesses. That is, if you have the insurance or the money to endure these series of tortures and tribulations.


Cuts,scrapes,wounds,infections heal rapidly
Eliminates sinus infections quickly
Quickly reduces pain
Flu and colds gone in record time
Improved mental clarity
Improved sleep and better dreams
Stops Ulcers
Dead tapeworms in the toilet after a week or so
Carpel tunnel syndrome gone in a day or so
Yeast and Candida-type fungi within a month
Eyes less bloodshot
Skin tone immediately improved
Helps remove heavy metals and organic toxins
Establishes normal PH within a few days (Smokers
Acne disappears in a short time
Psoriasis short time
Earache disappears
Improves Organ efficiency when zapper is placed over
Reduces symptoms of PMS
No more migraines
No more depression (most throw away brain drugs)
Stops itching
Ringworm gone the next day
Scabies eliminated in one day
Breathing improves
Less body,breath and foot ordor.