Resveratrol- Xcalibur: 1200 MG of Resveratrol per serving, derived polygonum cuspidatum the active ingredient to activate the SIRT1 Gene.This is the strongest Resveratrol product currently on the market. Additional ingredients are Green tea extract, Quercetin and grape seed extract. This product has been radionically enhanced by the bio-resonance machine of the

To gain the anti-aging effects, one needs to consume large dosages of Resveratrol to activate the SIRT-1 Gene. Perhaps the most exciting research being conducted on resveratrol is occurring within the realm of life extension. Researchers have determined that resveratrol has the ability to extend the lives of yeast, worms, fruit flies, a certain species of fish, and obese mice up to 70%, 29%, 24%, 50%, and 31% respectively (depending on the amount of resveratrol given). Whether these results will transfer to humans is not known.

So how does resveratrol extend life in certain organisms?

The exact answer is not known but a widely asserted theory is that Resveratrol activates an enzyme that is present in the bodies of many living organism called sirtuin 2 (or SIR2). SIR2 is believed to extend cell life by 'coercing' cells to repair themselves (i.e. repair their DNA while increasing the production of protective antioxidants) as opposed to dying. In essence, it is believed resveratrol extends the lives of individual cells and the lives of the 'host' organisms are extended as a result. Interestingly, SIR2 is also activated by the practice of Caloric Restriction (reducing the calories in a 'normal' diet by around 40% while still consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals a body needs; that is, replacing high calorie foods with low calorie nutrient rich foods). Science has proven that calorie restriction increases the lives of organisms such as mice while significant health benefits have been observed in monkeys an humans - studies are underway to determine if calorie restriction extends the lives of monkeys and humans - many in the scientific community are optimistic that it does. Currently, the potential benefits of resveratrol can be obtained from natural foods and dietary supplements. Natural foods included wine, grapes, peanuts, and blueberries. Dietary supplements inclued pills derived from red wine extracts, grape seed and grapeskin extracts, and polygonum cuspidatum (aka. Japanese knotweed) Source

Does consuming resveratrol increase endurance?

According to a study conducted by the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Celluar Biology, mice given oral doses of resveratrol were able to run 100% farther than mice not given the resveratrol. The resveratrol dosed mice also displayed a reduced heart rate and energy charged muscles - physical characteristics associated with highly trained athletes. According to the study's lead scientist, Johan Auwerx, "Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training".

Will these results translate in to humans?

According to Mr. Auwerx, the same reaction will likely occur in humans based on his analysis of the gene that is influenced by resveratrol in a group of Finnish subjects.

What could be causing the increased endurance?

According to Mr. Auwerx, resveratrol alters muscle fibers to make them more like muscle fibers of a trained athlete. Resveratrol significantly increased the number of mitochondria in the muscles cells of the mice (mitochondria are responsible for generating cells' energy). The increased mitochondria allowed the mice to burn more calories and thus avoid weight gain. The mice also did not experience decreased sensitivity to insulin (a symptom of being overweight and a cause of diabetes). n November of 2007 a study was published in the journal Cell in which it was revealed that resveratrol administered orally to mice significantly increased the number of mitochondria in the mice's cells (Mitochondria are the organelles within the body’s cells that generate energy). Not only did this increase in mitochondria double the mice's endurance, but it also increased the mice's metabolism; In essence, with increased mitochondria levels, the mice were able to burn more calories, and thus avoid weight gain.

Barbara Walter's ABC documentary on Resveratrol

Benefits of Resveratrol:

* Prevent Cell Damage
- destroys unhealthy free radicals
* Protect the Heart
- lowers bad cholesterol
- improves blood circulation

* Reduce Cancer Risk
- may inhibit a number of cancers, incl. prostate
* Help You Lose Weight
- effective appetite suppressant
* Increase Your Lifespan
* Control Type II Diabetes
* Promise as a Treatment For Alzheimer's
* Increased Energy / Endurance
* Improve Skin Elasticity and Smoothness

David Sinclair on Resveratrol

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