Fertility Max

Fertility Max- This product is created by a buddy a mine, Plato who is familar with Orgone and Wilhelm Reich. If fact he did a weather modification project in China and created a flash flood on his first try. He is the reason that the Chinese government is promising perfect weather for the next Olympics. Fertility Max is an herbal formula to increase Sperm motility for Pregnancy. I have personally tried this formula, it definitely works, modesty prevents me from elaborating, I am a bit of a conservative in certain matters.

Chinese Herbal formula includes: Horny goat weed, Wolfberry, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Dong Quai, Schizandra, and Wu Wei Zi. Dong Quai- Blood tonic and purifier, strenghthens liver and spleen. Horny Goat weed- A natural Viagra, improves erectile dysfunction and is an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac. Rehmannia Glutinosa- used for blood deficiencies and is antibacterial. Wolfberry- A wonderful anti aging herb. Increases production of SOD, the most powerful anti-oxidant by 48%. Also great for insomnia. Anti-Cancer properties. Schizandra is said to increase the Water Qi in the Kidney. In particular, it is said to vastly increase the "water of the genital organs," referring to the sexual fluids. Schizandra is said to promote the production of semen. It is famous for its ability to relieve sexual fatigue and for increasing the sexual staying-power in men. It is thus an ingredient in the vast majority of men’s sexual tonics in Asian herbalism. Wu Wei Zi- Increases kidney functioning, builds of volume of seminal fluid.

Impotency in Men is essentially caused from environmental pollution and toxicity. One of my massage clients spent $15,000 dollars on Feritlity drugs with zero success after one year. I got them to do some enemas and buy six bottles of Fertility Max. Max's wife is now six months pregnant due in December 2007.

One Bottle 120 tablets 1 month supply


Two bottles 2 Month supply


Three bottles 3 month supply