Orgone Treasure Chest Radionics Box



Treasure Chest

This is the same as the Orgone Cigar Boxes except they are larger. The boxes are lined with Copper and come with a 3/8 of an inch of Orgone on the top and the bottom. The Orgone is now made with monoatomic gold and Silver as well as Gold flake, Peat moss, steel, zinc and copper. I pre-treat the resin with the Miracle frequency in addition to the Crystal singing bowls. Each unit is handmade and done in the state of focused meditation. The technology in itself is very simple in nature. A small amount of direct current is added to the intention, wish or goal that you are focusing on achieving. The Orgone Radionics box can be used to increase Money, Love, Spiritual advancement, Psychic capabilites or Physical changes such as losing weight or Increasing Athletic ability. The latest Physics theory believes the universe is an Electric one; that space is not merely a vacum, but one where there is an interplay of dynamic and powerful forces not much different than the violent displays of Nature that we see in Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Thunder and Lightning Storms. Perhaps there is a battle of the Gods taking place in the Heavens. Orgone will magnify the powers of the mind as well as stimulate the enhancement of the immune system indirectly. Radionics is the application of Frequency to alter the genetic code which includes the mental projections of the mind. Orgone coupled with simple direct current can provide an enhancement of your ablity to manifest your dreams over 100 fold. This device can often rival machines that cost several thousand dollars and is a great introduction into the world of radionics and magic. Magic is simply an idea that has been energized to a level where it appears to be supernatural. The box comes with a direct DC charger compatible with the U.S. Market. Foreign buyers will need a DC charged compatible with their country.









Orgone Magnets




Orgone Magnets- made with Neomydium magnets used to hold my credit card statements and baby pictures on my fridge. Wilhelm Reich said that a healthy individual was courageous and a natural revolutionary that valued personal freedom above safety. A free mind assimilates Orgone energy in large quantities and is inherently creative able to respond to any environmental influence. Ben Franklin said that if we valued Security over Freedom, we would lost both our Freedom and our security. Choice of Shamrocks, Hearts, Squares or Rectangles.

1 Orgone Magnet- $10.95

2 Orgone Magnets- $19.77

4 Orgone Magnets-$35.97

1 Orgone Magnet - $9.97

2 Orgone Magnets - $17.97

4 Orgone Magnets - $33.77