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The Frolov's Respiratory Training Device® is an original portable apparatus designed for breathing exercises, which help prevent and fight different diseases and increase adaptation abilities of human body.

The device trains respiratory muscles and creates resistance both while inhaling and exhaling. It also lets improve metabolism of tissues and organs in the so called 'adaptation respiration' regime which develops adaptive physiological reactions of the organism under increased carbon dioxide concentration and controlled decrease of oxygen in the inhaled air.

The device is necessary for endogenous breathing exercises. It is also an independent medical device, which is designed to cure a variety of illnesses including:

* Chronic bronchitis,
* Bronchial asthma,
* Pulmonary emphysema,
* Myocardial ischemia,
* Atherosclerosis

and many others.

The device is equipped with the comprehensive manual and even with the videotape showing the instructions to use and a sample training session.

The Frolov device generates oxygen intracellular through the aneroebic mechanism within the body. Oxygen created within the cell does not oxidize the tissues. It is the type of Oxygen that sharks and whales generate. Cell energetics are raised according to Dr. Frolov 5-10 their normal levels. Without the oxidation effects from external breathing the body begins to re-new itself. Dr. Frolov healed himself of Cancer just from the breathing device alone. After the body is healed of all illnesses, the excess energy goes into self-renewal of the organism, lesions are healed, DNA damage is reversed. The process is slow, there are no overnight miracles and you have to practice everyday until the breath becomes automatic.

I have been using the Frolov device for five months now, the effects for myself have been the healing of a chronic cough, that left after two months. I noticed after 3 months, I was no longer getting tired during the day, I live in a major city and usually fatique creeps in around 3 pm. I go to the gym and run two days a week, I used to run 60 miles a week competivetly in college about 15 years ago. I don't run for speed anymore, but with the Frolov device

I run at the same training pace that I did in college and I am hardly winded. Today I run about 10 miles a week, the results can only be accounted for by the training device. After 4 months I quit smoking cigars, even though I did not want to, I just lost the desire. This is explained in Frolov's book, which states that the new cellular energetics will replace the need for the quick fix from addictive substances such as nicotine.

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Endogenous Respiration by Vladimir Frolov

To eliminate diseases and to considerably extend a life's cycle - is it possible? For the majority of people, this sounds like science fiction. But it became possible for everyone as far back as 1995, thanks to the discovery of the endogenous respiration. This book provides an explanation of this revolutionary technology, the most advanced method of prevention and treatment of diseases, ensuring youthfulness and longevity.

Frolov's Respiration Training Device and Book