Foot Detox Pads

 Xcalibur Foot Detox Pads (10 pack)- made with Oak and Bamboo vinegar, Chitosan,Tourmaline and Agaricus mushroom. In my search for low cost detoxification
methods, I ran across the Foot pads. The first time I tried them I slept better than I had in months and I had these real vivids dreams in High definition. These pads originate from Korea and do not smell, unlike other  foot pads that I have subsequently tried. A great start for any detox program, removes heavy metals, nicotine, and lactic acid waste from the blood stream and muscles. As your body becomes more alkaline, your cells mitochondria activity rises from the reduction of sodium and acid. Wear the pads during the day or at night, very convenient method of detoxification. It is reccomended for a rigorous detox to use 4 packs of 10.

10 pack


40 Pack Bundle